Faithfulness Week 1, Day 4

What was it like, The life of the wife of the Prophet, Mrs. Isaiah, neb’iah? Were there morning coffee groups Especially for stay-at-home-prophetess-moms Calling to their offspring as they played? “A-Remnant-Shall-Return, I told you to share those apricots! Swift-To-The-Plunder, Quick-To-Carry-Away, Do stop tattling on your brother! When your father gets home…” Visions to share, Messages … Continue reading Faithfulness Week 1, Day 4

Faithfulness Week 1, Day 3

This week we read God’s promises to Abraham that he would bless the whole world through one of Abraham’s descendants. Throughout the Old Testament, God continued to speak his promises, often to prophets—people he chose to proclaim his message. One of these prophets was Isaiah, a well-educated Jewish man who may have been related to … Continue reading Faithfulness Week 1, Day 3

Faithfulness Week 1, Day 2

They call You the God of Abraham, but You are Also the God of Sarah, Chaldaean Princess, called to Serve her Lord and Master, mother of mighty multitudes Who remained unrealized, unbegotten, unbegun Only in stubborn fact. She knew, believed that Your promises Stand, judged You faithful even as she stood And laughed in the … Continue reading Faithfulness Week 1, Day 2